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Fondant Mat 24x24"

Fondant Mat 24x24"

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This Ateco 699 24" x 24" non-stick silicone work mat is the perfect surface for fondant and sugar work in your kitchen. Not only does it keep any mess off your counter, but it is especially helpful in transferring fondant to your cake. Ideal for molding and shaping sugar up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, it is a must-have tool for any baker! This silicone construction is 1.3 mm thick, providing sturdiness when transferring fondant.

The non-stick surface creates a great work area that limits breaking and is easy to clean when you're done using it, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth! Easy-to-read measurements along the edges help make measuring simple and quick. Plus, you can even cut it for use in 1 full size sheet pan or 2 half size sheet pans during baking. This FDA approved mat is made from durable silicone and rolls up for convenient storage.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 24"
Width: 24"
Thickness: 1.3mm

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