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Sweet Shoppe Chocolate Coating Wafers 1 lb

Sweet Shoppe Chocolate Coating Wafers 1 lb

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Sweet Shoppe Milk Melting Wafers

Specifically formulated to melt quickly into a smooth, velvet consistency for all of your chocolate-coated treats, our melting wafers provide a full, even coating with exceptional shine & snap. They're also easy to use - just melt - no tempering required!

Our Sweet Shoppe Milk Chocolate Melting Wafers perfectly complement your dipped desserts with a simply sweet chocolate flavor that is sure to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Ideal for:
- Chocolate coating for cake pops
- Chocolate for cakesicle molds
- Chocolate for candy molds
- Chocolate for breakable hearts
- Chocolate covered strawberries
- Chocolate covered Oreos
- Chocolate covered marshmallows
- Chocolate covered rice cereal treats
- Chocolate dipped cookies

Option to have this shipping with cold packaging to prevent melting during transportation.

*We are not responsible if chocolate melts during transit

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